Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Good Deed Contest #1

With the Jewish holiday of Purim approaching and the spirit of chesed/good deeds and charity, we wanted to kick off the new month with a small good deed contest to get people into the spirit of chesed and good deeds. 

It's simple, it costs nothing, you can win a great prize and you help generate an atmosphere of chesed/good deeds by spreading this information on to others.


The good deed contest to win a beautiful glass Seder Plate (a perfect gift for your loved ones or your Pesach hosts) is very simple:

1. Watch this video 
2. Read the question written below the video
3. Send us your answer either via twitter (@just1gooddeed) or email (just1gooddeed@gmail.com) - all info. is noted below the video as well
4. VERY IMP: Please tell us your name and location
5. Share this good deed video with your friends and family

Send in all your answers by Purim day, March 10th to win the beautiful glass Seder plate.

On Shushan Purim, March 11th, we will have a lottery and choose one winner from all the people who submitted the correct answer. The chosen name will receive a beautiful glass Seder Plate made in Israel by SusanArt, a Jerusalem based organization that designs beautiful glassware by employing and training teens at risk from the streets of Jerusalem. The winner can use this beautiful glass seder plate for themselves or use as a Pesach gift for family or friends.

On March 12th, we will announce the winner of the good deed contest.

Click here to see the beautiful glass seder plate, watch the good deed video, take part in the contest to win and share this good deed video with everyone you can.  

If you have a few minutes to come up with your own good deed story to share, then we would  love to post that as well and send it out for all to see. The goal is to create an atmosphere of good deeds and chesed, join us in making this Adar a month full of good deeds.

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