Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rave Reviews - Validation the Short Film

Some Rave reviews of the Short film Validation

Rabbi Dave: "I love the whole thing. What is especially meaningful to me is that he had given up on effecting her after all that work and then in the end he did effect her without even knowing it. Our acts of kindness (good deeds) have far reaching effects on people and in ways we do not know or probably ever will! Keep planting seeds and The Almighty will make them grow and spread."

Mordechai S. of Florida " Great video! I will be showing it to my middle school students as part of a behavior improvement program at Hillel Day school of Boca Raton!?

Mordechai H. of NY: "It was a very cute story that really drove home the message of treating each other well and validating the other and the impact that can make."

Michelle A. of VA "Made me remember that if you say a kind word to someone, it is echoed through others."

If you haven't seen it yet don't miss out, click here:

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